Floating Spectrum

Floating Spectrum creates organic and emotive audio/visual experiences

Floating Spectrum is a creative partnership between aBe Pazos and me. We work with nature-inspired approaches to sound and visual creation, striving to create organic and emotive work that people feel connected to. In our work we produce generative audio-visual systems that connect dierent media, in an attempt to bring new perspectives to our senses, and to reflect about the way we experience the world.

The sound material originates partially from my self-built software synthesizer, Polyphylla. The material is manipulated and processed to produce various kinds of sound textures ranging from warm to dark to harsh. The multi-layered textures are like morphing clouds, subtly and constantly evolving. It intends to immerse the audiences into a rich and full universe of sound, and evoke a scope of emotions and imagery.

In addition, I created an audio analysis system to feed real-time audio data to the visual side, in order to make the motion graphics react to the sound.

Floating Spectrum’s performance is a tight coupling of the visual and the aural. Subtle and complex layers of the music are visually interpreted in real time; the abstract organisms are heard as evolving shapes of Sound.

Some snippets of our perofrmance:

Past Performances

Taipei National University of the Arts

Taipei, Taiwan, October 13th and 14th, 2016

Generate the night

Taipei, Taiwan, October 1st, 2016


Taipei, Taiwan, September 31st, 2016

10 Year Anniversary of Scope Session

Panke, Berlin Germany, 24th June, 2016

Generate Lab

Shedhalle, Tùˆbingen, Germany, May 28th, 2016

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